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Orivirta Sport Fishing Zone – A Five Stream Fishing Site

The Orivirta sport fishing zone is right next to the main village of Savonranta, at the centre of a body of water formed by five currents flowing from Paasivesi to Pyyvesi.

As a matter of fact, it is, in addition to Kyrönvirta in Savonlinna, the other of the two more substantial currents of the Saimaa lake district.

For sport-fishers the site contains many temptations for the catching of fish. The currents attract the brown trout and Saimaa salmon wandering in the nearby feeding area of, for example, Paasivesi. The stock of grayling in the area has begun to recover due to restocking and, during summer evenings, the active fly-fisher might even happen upon a shoal of whitefish. If the fisherman is particularly lucky he may encounter a shoal of trout wandering in the current, whereby he will have plenty to write home about. However, let’s not forget that the streams are annually restocked with full-sized brown trout and rainbow trout so as to better the odds of catching fish.

Due to its location and character the Orivirta sport fishing zone is best suited for fly-fishing and spinning off a boat. The stream is also excellent for purposes of jigging, as hefty perch may be caught. It is forbidden to use a motor while fishing in the streams of Pukkivirta and Vuokalanvirta. For more detailed information on restricted areas see the Vuokala fishing area brochure (Vuokalan kalastusalue) available at places where licences are sold.

Fishing season: As an exception to the 17th article of the governmental fishing decree, fishing for brown trout, freshwater trout and char is permitted, using a rod and lure, during their close season, September 11th – November 15th, in the streams belonging to the sport fishing zone (Vuokalanvirta, Orivirta and Vihtakanta canal) excluding the area in Pukkivirta restricted by the road bridge, the tip of Sahalahti and the islands of Heiskassaari and Kääpäsaari.

Fishing restrictions: Motor fishing is forbidden in Pukkivirta and in Vuokalanvirta by the Kääpäsaari holiday village. The maximum daily catch per fisher is three salmonoid. Angling, ice fishing and fishing solely with a provincial fishing licence is not permitted.

Licences sold at: Café Kuohu / Savonranta guest harbour, tel. +358 (0)15 679 014 (in the summer), Neste Savonranta (petrol station), tel. +358 (0)15 679 055


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