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The Fisherman's Kolovesi Region

The pure and vast lakes of the Saimaa water system provide the most versatile selection of repute fishing sites in southern Finland, well worth the visit.

The secret of the region is the practically untouched lakeside nature and the waterways in which large, open bodies of water alternate with white water areas and currents. Many of the lake and archipelago sights, such as Kolovesi and Lake Kermajärvi, have been included in nature conservation programs as they have been ranked as among the most valuable water nature entities of our nation.

Although the natural fish species of Saimaa are plentiful, fishermen are lured to the Kolovesi region particularly because of the white water areas suitable for the spawning and fry of salmonoid and the surrounding open lakes with their feeding areas. The favourite sport-fished species are brown trout, pike, pike-perch, whitefish and perch. Less common, yet well worth catching, are Saimaa salmon, Saimaa char and grayling. The majority of recreational fishing areas are regularly restocked. Commonly white water areas are stocked with brown trout, with the exception of sites such as Karvio that are also stocked with rainbow trout and grayling. Central trolling areas, for example Lake Kermajärvi and Vuokala, have been stocked with pike-perch.

The waters of the Kolovesi region are exceptionally suitable for winter fishing. Ice fishing or jigging on an open, frozen lake is an excellent means of relaxation for anyone. The most enthusiastic of fly-fishers may head for the rapids of Karvio and Kerma in the winter.

Before embarking on a fishing trip it is advisable to deal with fishing licence matters and familiarise oneself with fishing regulations. The easiest way to fish in the Kolovesi region is to deposit the national fishing management fee and the provincial lure (rod) fishing fee for the Province of Eastern Finland on the bank accounts of the responsible authorities. With a provincial lure fishing licence one is permitted to fish, using a single rod, in all the waters of the province, excluding sport fishing areas. For more information on general fees see Some permits can even be purchased directly on the web.

If you intend to use more than one rod for lure or fly-fishing you will need to acquire a special areal fishing licence, whose places of purchase are listed further on. The same goes for sports fishing sites favoured by salmonoid, which are areas that are not covered by the provincial licence and where ice fishing and angling are not permitted. Once you have obtained your licences and checked your equipment it is a good idea to reserve a good place to stay near your point of destination. For further information on such accommodation services, take a look at the accommodation section.


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