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Enjoy the Summer Nature While Paddling the Seal Trail

An ever larger number of people around the world have adopted canoeing and kayaking as a means of refreshment and exercise in nature.

Indeed, paddling must be the most natural and authentic way of familiarising oneself with the most spectacular lake scenery in Finland, along with a number of sights. By canoe or kayak it is possible to gain access to places that are inaccessible by boat. At best, even a short canoe trip may be the highlight of your holiday, an experience that brings warm thoughts to mind long after and which you may enjoy over and over again.

The Seal Trail can, without exaggeration, be called the favourite destination of every holiday paddler. The total length of this effortlessly accessible network of routes amounts to as much as 541 kilometres, of which lake routes constitute an approximate 84 per cent. In fact, the Seal Trail is one of our nation’s longest inland water routes of which a map has been drawn. Herein lies the secret of the versatile character of the Seal Trail®!

As a matter of fact, the entire route network is made up of a range of local routes varying in length, skill requirements and scenery. Of these, one may select the most suitable. In addition, the Seal Trail® is one of the few watercourses in Finland that have been tested and designed, for the main part, for both canoeing and kayaking. In terms of skill requirements, some areas are more suitable for peaceful family canoeing while others sufficiently challenge even the experienced canoeist. If you find making a choice difficult, the skilled service companies of the Norppa Team will make sure that no one needs to set out on an excursion without the necessary guidance, information and correctly chosen equipment.




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