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Karvio Rapids – For All Interested

The white waters of Karvio are on the upper reaches of the Heinävesi water route and located between two large lakes, Lake Suvasvesi and Lake Kermajärvi.

While the Heinävesi water route is a national landscape, the Karvio rapids are one of the recreational fishing zones cared for by Metsähallitus (Wild North). The accessibility, probability of catching fish and the nearby services have been designed for the fishing traveller. In addition to the rapids themselves the fishing zone includes two lengthy stretches of free-flowing water, immediately above and below the rapids. The total length of the fishing zone is 1.5 kilometres and the difference in water level is 1.8 metres.

As is characteristic to all the rapids on the Heinävesi water route the profile of the Karvio rapids is that of clear-watered, steep and versatile – a guaranteed choice of the fisherman. The ease of catching fish in Karvio is explained by both its location on the wandering route of salmonoid and the heavy restocking exercised. The proprietor of the site, Metsähallitus, sets free full-sized brown trout and rainbow trout twice a year, in the autumn and in the spring. The fish set free in Karvio return, from feeding, to the rapids, thus increasing the probability of catching fish. The natural species of the site include brown trout, whitefish and ide. Sometimes even Saimaa salmon may take the bait while passing through. The lengthy free-flowing currents included in the area covered by the fishing licence provide the opportunity to catch other types of fish.

As a fishing site Karvio is divided into three entirely dissimilar parts. The uppermost is the Saunavirta current, merely a narrow straight with little drop in water level. There is a small island in the middle of Saunavirta, on the northern side of which the shipping route runs, dividing the bed of the current into a deeper and a shallower part. It is possible to fish off a boat or from ashore. If the desire is for large fish, Saunavirta is an extremely suitable option.

The rapids themselves begin with a smooth, nape-like current, which is one of the most popular places to fish. The rock that lies at the centre of the current is among the best of the catch sites in Karvio. Naturally, the rapids boast many excellent catch sites, but they are difficult to reach. The best sites for whitefish are in the final flow.

The lower parts of the white water area of Karvio are its least fished. Particularly during the winter a boat fisher may, however, be pleasantly surprised by a good catch, as salmonoid prefer calmer waters at wintertime. Many fishermen say this is the best site for winter fly-fishing on the Heinävesi water route.

Fishing season:
Winter season 1.1.– 25.4 and 1.11.- 31.12,
summer season 1.5. (at 12 o'clock) – 31.10.

Permitted fishing equipment:
Only the use of artificial lures is permitted. Natural (organic) baits are forbidden.

Other restrictions:
Fishing from a motor boat or an anchored rowing boat forbidden. Catch quota for salmonoid.

Further information: or tel. +358 (0)203 44122

Licences sold at:
Loma-Karvio Oy (also rowing-boat rentals), tel/fax +358 (0)17 563 603
Neste Karvionkanava (petrol station), tel. +358 (0)17 536 569


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