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Vuokala Lure Fishing Zone – A Feeding Place of Saimaa Salmon

The Vuokala lure fishing zone covers as much as 13,000 hectares of common licence area, extending form the open waters of Savonselkä in Orivesi in the north to the southern parts of Paasivesi, passing Säimenenniemi Point, and from thereon to the east to the western edge of the open waters of Hanhiselkä in the waters of Pyyvesi. For the most part the waters are open and thus excellently suited for trolling. The stock of fish is also good. The Paasivesi waters are among the most important feeding areas of the rare Saimaa salmon, immediately below the Pielisjoki River that is. The large and deep crater-lake with its good stocks of whitefish and smelt provides the Saimaa salmon with an excellent facility for rapid growth. This is why a great deal of this valued catch dwells in the area making it the most suitable of places for the organising of annual trolling contests.

The circular open waters of Paasselkä, close to twelve kilometres in diameter, are a spectacular scene indeed for those accustomed to the rugged, incoherent lake scenery of Saimaa. Risks caused by changes in the weather are worth preparing for before setting off on a fishing trip. The area is at its best when a trolling boat of adequate size is combined with a skipper, both of whom are prepared to take on the challenges of the open waters of Paasselkä and the violent tugs of freshwater trout. Yet, this is not all the Vuokala lure fishing zone has to offer, as its waters are also stocked with other catch; catch such as brown trout, grayling, pike-perch and, of course, pike.

The best place to embark on a fishing trip is the Vuokala guest pier in the main village of Savonranta, equipped with the facility to lower a boat into the water. Licence and fuel sales are also to be found in the same place. A map of the area has been published in the Vuokala kalastusalue brochure, available at places selling licences.

Further information and licence sales:
Savonranta guest pier/Café Kuohu, +358 (0)15 679 014 (in the summer)
Neste Savonranta (petrol station), +358 (0)15 679 055


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