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Lake Kermajärvi Recreational Fishing Zone

Kermajärvi is an 84 km² lake, the main lake on the Heinävesi water route, from whose water the majority comes from Suvasvesi via the Karvio rapids.

The scenery in the southern parts of the area is dominated by a large open water area surrounded by archipelagos on both sides. The lake has basically retained its natural state and a major part of its extensive eastern archipelago, including the waters, is a nature reserve owned by Metsähallitus (Natural Heritage Services). The extensive area to the west of this, encompassing the largest of open waters, belongs to the recreational fishing zone established over a decade ago. The zone is administered by the Kerma recreational fishing zone association. The area covers approximately 7,000 hectares of waters in close to 20 fishing districts.

Among fishers, Kermajärvi boasts a widespread reputation as an excellent site for trolling. The whitefish stock of the lake has been strong for years, which manifests itself in the rapid growth of salmonoid. A large brown trout is beginning to be a commonplace catch and freshwater Saimaa salmon is also caught quite regularly. Other valued catch are pike-perch and pike. The stock of the lake is cared for by the regular restocking of mainly trout and some pike-perch.

The most suitable concrete slips for getting a trolling boat in and out of the water are to be found at the docks of the main village of Heinävesi and in Takunlahti bay, Karvio. The Kerma rapids and the Karvio camping area are equipped with gravel slips. Fuel is available in both Kerma and Karvio.

Further information and licence sales:
A map of the area, regulations and licences on the Internet at
Heinävesi tourist information office, tel. +358 (0)17 5781 273
Loma-Karvio Oy, tel. +358 (0)17 563 603
Kermankeidas, tel. +358 (0)17 566 191



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