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Enonhovi Inn – The Former Hovimäki Manor


Enonhovi is located in a historical milieu on the banks of the Rapids of Enonkoski, in the surroundings of which the village of Enonkoski was built. The rapids connect the lakes of Ylä-Enonvesi and Ala-Enonvesi with one another.


The manor was built by the trading house of T. Tiehanoff from Vyborg in 1854. Commercial counsellor Michael Tiehanoff, the eldest of the brothers, was the manager of the sawmill on the lower course of the Enonkoski Rapids and the Koskila glass factory on the island of Kangassaari.

Apart from acting as a home the Hovimäki manor was used for the receiving, feeding and accommodating of guests. Timber deals were made in the manor in which the office was also situated.

Tiehanoff was the constructor and upkeeper of the first church of Enonkoski (the construction of a church was stimulated by a church boat accident in which eight people drowned). Tiehanoff also laid the foundations of the Enonkoski school system.

Later on, in the 20th century, the forestry company of Kaukas purchased the manor. The variety of species of trees dates back to this time, as young, enthusiastic foresters planted and bred many kinds of trees in the surroundings.

In 1954 the local authority of Enonkoski bought the Hovimäki manor and set up an old people’s home in the building. At this time the mansion-like appearance of the exterior of the building was altered via the addition of insulation and the renovation of the windows.

The local authority sold the manor for travel purposes at the beginning of 1983, at which time, on February 28th more specifically, the Enonhovi Inn was established.


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